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Davis is a patronymic surname originating in Wales that means 'son of St. David '. It is the 45th most common surname in England and 68th most common in Wales. According to the 2000 United States Census survey, 'Davis' was the 7th most frequently reported surname, accounting for 0.48% of the population, preceding Garcia and following Miller in its frequency. It continues as the 7th most common surname in the United States in 2014. It is also recorded in the spellings of Davies, Davie, Dafis, Dafys and several others. Read more at Wikipedia

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Davis Last Name Statistics

Davis Last Name Race Distribution

Race Percent
White 64.73%
Black 30.77%
Asian and Pacific Islander 0.40%
American Indian and Native Alaskan 0.79%
Two or more 1.73%
Hispanic 1.58%

Popular Names

Some popular names: Sandra Davis Roger Davis Melissa Davis Janice Davis Benjamin Davis Jonathan Davis Ruby Davis Shirley Davis Susan Davis Ruth Davis Alan Davis Diana Davis Louise Davis Annie Davis Carolyn Davis Rebecca Davis Amanda Davis Ralph Davis Joan Davis Craig Davis Emily Davis Nicholas Davis Norma Davis Phyllis Davis Lisa Davis Rose Davis Earl Davis Jacqueline Davis Paula Davis Ann Davis Mary Davis Lori Davis Diane Davis Janet Davis Wayne Davis Margaret Davis Marie Davis

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The main source for the information are US Census studies "Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000" and "Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 1990"