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Martínez, often spelled without the acute accent on the "i", is a common surname in the Spanish language. Martínez is the most common surname in the Spanish regions of Navarre, La Rioja, Cuenca and Murcia. There are also variations such as San Martin and Martín (with an accent on the "i"). Read more at Wikipedia

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Martinez Last Name Statistics

Martinez Last Name Race Distribution

Race Percent
White 6.04%
Black 0.52%
Asian and Pacific Islander 0.60%
American Indian and Native Alaskan 0.64%
Two or more 0.46%
Hispanic 91.72%

Popular Names

Some popular names: Amy Martinez Anne Martinez Judy Martinez Ann Martinez Marie Martinez Linda Martinez Sarah Martinez Ruby Martinez Ralph Martinez Robin Martinez Joan Martinez Julie Martinez Rose Martinez Andrea Martinez Karen Martinez Jennifer Martinez Teresa Martinez Emily Martinez Margaret Martinez Michelle Martinez Beverly Martinez Sharon Martinez Amanda Martinez Kelly Martinez Denise Martinez Marilyn Martinez Debra Martinez Carol Martinez Shirley Martinez Janice Martinez Melissa Martinez Lillian Martinez Irene Martinez Bruce Martinez Kathleen Martinez Jacqueline Martinez Todd Martinez

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The main source for the information are US Census studies "Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000" and "Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 1990"