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Miller and Millar are surnames of English or Scottish origin. There are two homonymous forms of Miller, one that began as an occupational surname for a miller and another that began as a toponymic surname for people from a locale in Glasgow. Miller of the occupational origin may also be translated from many cognate surnames from other European languages, such as Mueller, Müller, Mühler, Moller, Möller, Møller, and others. Read more at Wikipedia

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Miller Last Name Statistics

Miller Last Name Race Distribution

Race Percent
White 85.81%
Black 10.41%
Asian and Pacific Islander 0.42%
American Indian and Native Alaskan 0.63%
Two or more 1.31%
Hispanic 1.43%

Popular Names

Some popular names: Kelly Miller Wanda Miller Joan Miller Kathryn Miller Helen Miller Laura Miller Mildred Miller Karen Miller Pamela Miller Debra Miller Irene Miller Rebecca Miller Nicholas Miller Theresa Miller Bruce Miller Janet Miller Robin Miller Marilyn Miller Jessica Miller Harry Miller Dorothy Miller Sandra Miller Christine Miller Judy Miller Diana Miller Barbara Miller Jane Miller Lillian Miller Norma Miller Katherine Miller Anna Miller Catherine Miller Angela Miller Andrea Miller Julia Miller Carol Miller Kimberly Miller

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The main source for the information are US Census studies "Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000" and "Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 1990"