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Wilson is an English surname, common in the English-speaking world. The name is derived from a patronymic form of Will, a popular medieval name. The medieval Will is derived from any of several names containing the first Germanic element wil, meaning "desire". Possibly the most common of these names was William, derived from elements wil and helm, meaning "desire" and "helmet", "protection". The surname Wilson is first recorded in England as Willeson in 1324, and in Scotland as Wulson in 1405. Read more at Wikipedia

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Wilson Last Name Statistics

Wilson Last Name Race Distribution

Race Percent
White 69.72%
Black 25.32%
Asian and Pacific Islander 0.46%
American Indian and Native Alaskan 1.03%
Two or more 1.74%
Hispanic 1.73%

Popular Names

Some popular names: Deborah Wilson Barbara Wilson Bonnie Wilson Andrea Wilson Ruth Wilson Mildred Wilson Jessica Wilson Sharon Wilson Jonathan Wilson Kelly Wilson Ashley Wilson Teresa Wilson Ruby Wilson Heather Wilson Linda Wilson Diane Wilson Nicholas Wilson Beverly Wilson Norma Wilson Christina Wilson Frances Wilson Phyllis Wilson Todd Wilson Christine Wilson Rachel Wilson Stephanie Wilson Shirley Wilson Diana Wilson Marie Wilson Cheryl Wilson Melissa Wilson Sara Wilson Carol Wilson Marilyn Wilson Ann Wilson Janet Wilson Angela Wilson

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The main source for the information are US Census studies "Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000" and "Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 1990"